karen-kohlberg-artist-statement-page“awakening authentic voice through the sacredness of creative expression.”

Painting, photography, and words empower me to explore and create beauty that is inspired by travel and life experience.

Cultivating courage to create my work with a voice that speaks of the human experience has strengthened my commitment to the creative process.

Deep internal explorations have fueled this creativity with a desire to inspire, and cultivate the joy within.  Travel and immersion in many cultures has enriched my work.  It is a sacred process to acknowledge the beauty in everyday life.

In many of my paintings, I have been particularly influenced by the German Expressionists: Munch, Kollwitz, Nolde, Marc, and Schiele.

Inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda’s perspective on the Bhagavad Gita, I have created the conscious evolution series to express seasons and elements of change, repetition, adaptation, and the multitude of color that relate to human emotion.  I have chosen the circle to illustrate this.

My photographic portraiture series expresses a momentary connection to another person, a window into their authentic self, sometimes emphasizing the subtle beauty in the mundane.

The botanical series and orchid series are continually expanding on the conversation of feminine voice, thus teaching me to exist in the present moment and to not only see the sacred in nature, to be healed by this life force.

I hope my work brings you the joy that I felt in creating it!